am in the finals...woohoo!

the last week of the nba regular season means teams are jockeying for playoff spots. this is also the time of the year when fantasy basketball team "owners" get ready for the playoffs. luckily for me, i managed to get to the finals.

it started about four months ago since our league started late. my first pick in the draft was chris paul who by the way is my bet for this season's mvp. after a week or two, i received a trade offer for jamal tinsley and jeff green for kb24. after consulting a friend (a kobe fanatic) of mine regarding the trade, i agreed to the trade.

that trade made my team's appearance in the playoffs possible. with kobe and cp3 in my lineup, my team finished in the top four and eventually beat another team in the semis. today, i'm behind by three points. am pinning my hope on mikki moore to pickup his performance as he only has three points in his last outing.

the latest game between the lakers and the clippers also proved to be disastrous for my team as the lakers blew the clips out of the water which means kobe wasn't in the floor for as long as i would have wanted to. anyway, here's the scoreboard.