los angeles lakers vs. denver nuggets = allen iverson vs. kobe bryant

i think it's safe to say that not many of us expected the lakers to sit atop the western conference when the 07-08 nba season started. in fact, i think that many people expected the denver nuggets to finish the regular season better than the lakers.

the playoffs will start between these two teams with the nuggets being the last team to make the cut in the crazy western conference. with kobe and pau gasol providing the one-two punch for the lakers, denver's "answer" would be "the answer" and carmelo anthony.

iverson is no doubt one of the best ever to play the game. he's a competitor and he obviously love the game. he can create his own shots and is capable of scoring at will, just like kobe. this match-up between the nuggets and the lakers can be expected to provide the thrill that only the nba playoffs can offer.

i remembered the series between the 76ers and the bucks back in 2001 when allen iverson and ray allen traded 40+ points games. that showed how tough iverson is. in the game 6 of that series, scott williams was called for a flagrant foul after the answer received an elbow to the chin. that guy's 6'10 and weighs a lot more than iverson so that tells you that iverson is one tough baller. but how will he do against the black mamba?

kobe bryant is in the same league as the answer. both are great on both ends of the floor. but recently, kobe does not need to score more than 30 for the lakers to win. he has odom and gasol to take care of scoring. iverson also has the support of carmelo anthony and j.r. smith.

so what is the point of this post? i don't really know yet as i'm just typing here whatever comes to mind. hehe...

here's what iverson has to say to spice up this post: "Let's go. This is what it's all about for me. You can't draw it up any better," Iverson said. "People say he's the best basketball player on the planet, so I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge. Especially with me believing that about myself, so let's go."

yup!, let's freakin' go!!! hehehe... nuggets in 6