its the san antonio spurs vs. new orleans hornets

the hornets dispatched the mavs. the spurs proved me wrong and made me a believer in yogi berra's quote "it's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

the tables are set and i can't wait for the second round to start in the west. it would be the grizzled veterans versus the young upstarts. the favorite to win it all again, the san antonio spurs, versus the team a few expected to make it to the playoffs nor get past the first round, the new orleans hornets.

the san antonio spurs is not overrated nor underrated. they are simply under-appreciated. but with the exciting plays of manu ginobili and tony parker, i find that really perplexing. maybe its the way they dominate other teams which made them, well, boring to some. tim duncan is no kevin garnett. he does not have the flashy moves of other nba superstars playing his position. but timmy knows how to win, and make it look easy.

with the spurs' big three and a deep bench, they can easily beat the hornets. but can they do it?

i am rooting for the hornets but i am not picking any team to win this series. i'm just gonna sit back and see who will go on to the western conference finals. so, can the hornets do what the suns cannot?

before the playoffs started, there were doubts as to how chris paul & co will handle the pressure of playing in the big stage. i think chris paul showed that he can thrive in the playoffs as well as david west and jannero pargo after dropping the mavs in 5.

they do not have a very deep bench and that may count against them. if julian wright can somehow step up his game, maybe he can be the x-factor in this series. call me crazy but i think with wright's athleticism, he can guard parker just like boris diaw did in game 4 of the suns-spurs series.

in the regular season, the spurs and and the hornets split their four-game schedule. in the two wins of the hornets over the suns, it was david west who punished them so i expect the spurs to find a way to keep west's production down.

predictions predictions... hehehe.. none for this series... but... geaux hornets!!!