phoenix suns: making history with a comeback?

as chayee puts it: "the sun has set for phoenix".

but are they done? i don't think so. my predictions have been wrong like matt serra beating gsp in the second fight. but it won't deter me from proclaiming that the phoenix suns will be the first nba team to make it out of a 0-3 hole.

i've said it a hundred times and i'm gonna say this again, the spurs is a different team in the playoffs. it's where they thrive. manu ginobili, tony parker, and tim duncan can enforce their will in these playoffs games. sure, they are under appreciated, but they are the best at what they do.

so what made me said that the suns can still get back in the series en route to the second round? well, it could be that i'm too hungry to think straight. or it could be because of steve nash.

this guy plays soccer.

he also won two mvp trophies. he can also take over a game if he wants to. i'm sure he wanted to take over games 1, 2 and 3. but game 4 is a different zone. it would be a game a great player would love to play in especially entering it with the possibility of being swept. and steve nash is one great player.

i'm looking for the suns to come out guns-a-blazing come game four led by nash. this guy may not be able to defend but he can shoot and pass. if he can leave defending to his teammates and give amare those great passes for easy jams and hit it from downtown they have a legit chance to make it 3-1. then, 3-2 (pressure on the suns), 3-3 (after a bad night from tony), then 3-4 to become the first nba to win after being down by three games to none.

if the suns win this series, remember that you first read it here. if not, well, am blaming it on me being hungry while writing this...and steve nash. hehehe