fantasy basketball champions!!! woohoo!!!

it's official, with the help of chris paul and kobe bryant, my fantasy basketball team went on to win the championship in our league.

of course, chris paul with his assists and points made it possible for the team to even get to the playoffs. kobe bryant's great plays this season with improvement in the assists department is also much appreciated. but, my mvp would still be chris paul. hehehe...

the great thing about joining a fantasy league is that you get to act like a multimillionaire trading players worth millions of dollars. also, it gives the mind some exercise since you have to be always up to date with what's going on in the nba.

for example, when tj ford went down with that scary injury in the early part of the season, jose calderon proved to be a great fantasy stud as he dishes out assists like they were bead necklaces during mardi gras. also, when the kings started out without martin, artest and bibby; beno udrih and john salmons gave a lot of fantasy teams a great boost. luckily for me, i got salmons tabbed early on.

next year, i'd like to do this again and hopefully, i'd get the chance to draft chris paul again. also, i'm looking out for this guy by the name of ramon sessions. yes, the guy who dished out 24 assists in a loss.

if you are into the nba, i suggest you join a fantasy league. it's a really great experience for me and i'm coming back for more come first week of november.