ufc 83: georges st. pierre vs. matt serra

april 19 in montreal, georges st. pierre would get a chance at redemption. he can take back what he lost to matt serra.

in what could be the biggest mma event this year, gsp and matt serra will be sharing the limelight with rich franklin who will be fighting travis lutter. also, michael bisping will be looking to destroy charles mccarthy who just dissed him.

predictions predictions... hehehe..

ok, gsp is said to be the lebron james of mma. but unlike lebron, gsp has won the biggest prize but lost it due to complacency. yes, he did not take serra seriously and he got beat for that. today, gsp said he is focused and people around him keep on saying that when st. pierre (who prolly has the coolest nickname in all of mma) is focused, he is pretty close to being unbeatable.

understandably, gsp is favored to take back his belt. but serra would no doubt will come prepared. with his reach advantage, gsp would look to win this by strikes although he has proven that he can wrestle. serra is expected to take it to the mat. although i'm tempted to say that gsp would beat serra, something's telling me that serra has something up his sleeve. serra in two rounds.

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