tuesday hoops

me and frnz and chayeee have been playing hoops for a few months now on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. and since today is tuesday, we're off again after work to the hardcourt. here's hoping that i don't screw up again on those easy layups i have been missing almost every game.

chayeee has always played like kobe, frnz plays like allen iverson, and olops, they say he's the ronny turiaf of our group but he plays like a ben wallace on defense but with more offensive production. me, i'm not too good at it so i am wishing i have basketball hoops at home where i can practice. and if only i could afford one, i think i'd buy one from dazadi. i mean for a sports-inclined person like me, dazadi is the perfect place to shop as they have all the right products from basketball hoops to billiards tables.

look at it this way, if i want to have my own court at home, i would not only need hoops right? i would also need to have the right basketball court dimensions. sure, i can just put up an inground basketball hoops at home and use spray paint to mark the freethrow line and the three-point territory but that just wouldn't cut it for me. thus, it would be great to have one of those stencil kit from dazadi which i can use to properly mark the court with.

would a basketball court at home help me with my game though? i think it would. but i would have to shoot a thousand jumpshots and dribble a million more before i can match chayee and frnz's games.