fantasy basketball mid-week musings week 1

two days into the nba season and my fingers are already itching to post some of my thoughts about my fantasy basketball lineup. from the previous post, you can see my picks and this time, i'm gonna try to squeeze something out of my head to rate how well my players did on their first game/s.

to start it off, chris paul had a good game in their season opener against the warriors. he racked up 21 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals., and a block but he committed 3 turnovers. so in cbs' head-to-head format, he got 49 points for his first game. not bad really as he has the most fantasy points of all players in the league. if you have chris paul in your lineup, don't trade him and always put him in the starting lineup.

moving on to jose calderon. people are expecting this year to be the "real" breakout season for this guy as he does not have to compete with t.j. ford for playing time. his first game though is not that good although not too shabby either. but i expected at least a double-double for him in points and assists. but that's just the first game and he just might be warming up so leave him in your starting lineup.

then, there's greg oden. the big man's down again with a leg injury and will be out for at least two weeks. now i have to scramble for a center to take his spot for next week. if you have him in your team, don't give up on the big guy just yet. just hand on to him at least until he gets healthy.

lamarcus aldridge had a rough season opener but i expect better from him especially with oden sidelined. expect the big guy to get more touches.

fifth is al thornton. he had a great first half in their first game against the lakers but the clippers just fizzled out or the lakers did really step it up. it is still safe to start this guy as i expect him to have a breakout season and i still stand by my assumption that he will be baron davis' stack jack in l.a.

john salmons is back to his stat-stuffing form from last year. in his first game, he posted a team-high 24 points and dished out 8 assists and corralling 5 rebounds while committing only 2 turnovers. i think the most improved player award this year will either go to salmons or thornton. but then again, i'm no expert so don't take that to the bank...yet.

wow! ramon sessions hasn't even played a minute! if you have him in your roster, don't start him. but as for me, i'm gonna stick with this guy. after all, i was foolish enough to take him over scoring machine kevin martin.

my bet for the rookie of the year and sixth man of the year is this guy: rudy fernandez. he showed that he can play in the nba. in fact, people expecting him to at least have a few games in the league to get the feel for it must have been impressed with the way he carried himself in their opening game against the best in the west last season. keep starting this guy if you have him.

kenyon martin. to tell you the truth, i never expected much from k-mart with iverson and carmelo anthony getting more touches but his first game showed that he still can ball. of course, he could have had ammased 30 fanatsy points because anthony is still suspended.

francisco garcia...is injured so play it by ear as he could be back before next week so let's see what he can do first.

love kevin love. this guys should start alongside al jefferson. in his debut, love proved that the twolves are right when they acquired him from memphis. the season is still very young and love would surely improve his production.

by the way, i dropped antonio mcdyess and picked up stephon marbury and dropped starbury to get wilson chandler. the other chandler scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. not bad eh? he could be starting soon for my team if scott skiles still does not let ramon sessions play.

andrea bargnani. this guy is rumored to have improved in the offseason but we still have to see what he can do especially with jermaine o'neal and chris bosh sharing the front court with him. am gonna start him on center next week whatever happens though as i can't find any good center to replace oden.

by the way, after two days, and ramon sessions still scoreless and oden registering only 4 fantasy points, my team is just down by 2.5 points. i expect that lead to balloon though as my opponent still has josh howard to accumulate fantasy points for the first week. :( that's it for now.