mclaren let down lewis hamilton

well, that was according to the supremo, bernie ecclestone. the outspoken f1 chief executive said that lewis could have won the championship last season but mclaren let him down. well, we all know the story by now, lewis had had two races to win the championship but he faltered and lost by the slimmest of margin to the iceman.

i don't know why ecclestone would say such things though, but then again, bernie has always been known for statements such as the one he gave thursday. the supremo added that alonso going back to renault is a wise decision. well, i certainly agree.

i am excited now for the start of the season. i wanna see how kovy drives a mclaren, how kimi defends his crown, how alonso will fare with renault's car, how hamilton can improve, and if massa has grown taller. :D