new york giants beat new england patriots

super bowl xlii seemed was once again a battle between defense and offense. the perfect patriots, 18-0 going to super bowl is almost perfect on the offensive end while the giants are devastating on the other end.

it was said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. that was all so true with the giants win over the patriots. the defense of the giants took away the passing game of the pats. they made tom brady feel really uncomfortable and made it hard for randy moss to run away with touchdown passes.

what's interesting for me though is the way the giants see themselves. new york defensive end michael strahan said: "we're a bunch of misfits that somehow came together and won." now that's familiar with a team calling themselves idiots.

in 2004, the boston red sox broke the curse of the bambino. johnny damon, center fielder/leadoff hitter then for the red sox said back then: "we're just the idiots this year." and those "idiots" beat the new york yankees after they were down 3-0 in the alcs. after the super bowl victory of the giants, i think they were merely returning the favor to new england, the region where boston is located. cool eh?