shaq back in the west.. now what?

i know you have already heard about shaq going to the suns in exchange for marion and marcus banks. but what are the effects of this trade in the west and in the east.

first, let's take a look at the matrix, shawn marion. the superstar has expressed his displeasure with the suns and wants out. it seems that the suns wanted to have kg before he finally settled in boston. and the bait that the suns used is the versatile marion.

now, marion was upset with him being forced out of the suns organization after has shown his loyalty to the team. so, he wanted out and now, he will be wearing a heat uniform and possibly miss the playoffs this year.

possibly because, the east is not that competitive and wade and marion might be able to turn around the heat's fortune. that is if the knicks, sixers, bucks, and other bottom dwellers stay where they are. as for sharing the ball, marion has never been known to be a me-first player so i think there would be no problem with him playing alongside wade.

the heat will also benefit having marion as he can run with the best of them (read: d-wade).

as for shaq and the suns, it's really a precarious situation for them. although they have grant hill to fill the shoes of marion offensively and defensively, they are taking a great gamble in acquiring shaq.

if shaq stays healthy, after the all-star break as he is still questionable today, the suns may have a very good chance of finally winning a championship. kobe and shaq proved that giving it to the big guy down low means two points or sometimes three depending on shaq's stroke from the charity stripe.

nash, arguably the best pointguard in the league, can easily find shaq in his comfort zone and deliver him the ball. this might mean decreased scoring chances for amare though. another problem about ading shaq to the lineup is that shaq is not exactly young and may not be able to run with the nba's fastest team. but then, the presence of amare means that shaq does not have to play a lot of minutes to get a win.

now, my prediction will hinge on one thing and that is shaq's health. if he can stay healthy, then the suns may have gotten the better out of the trade. the heat though is not worse off as they now have a versatile forward and a veteran too to complement the skills of d-wade.