rockets rising, how far wil they go?

the houston rockets are currently on a twelve-game winning streak. this is yet another surprise. in december, portland surprised us all with a long win streak of their own. then, new orleans briefly took the lead in the west after a good showing for a stretch of games. now, the rockets are the hottest.

the rockets have won 16 of their last 17 games thanks to the improved health of both tracy mcgrady and yao ming. the importance of these two to the rockets cannot be overstressed. t-mac can score at will from anywhere. yao can score down low against any defender. with the two stars out with injuries, the rockets kept getting beat by any team actually. now that the t-mac and yao are playing at their highest level this year, they look unbeatable.

the next four games of the rockets are against washington, memphis, denver, indiana. after that, they would be facing the mavs with kidd. washington still misses the services of caron butler and agent zero so i would take the rockets over the wizards. against memphis, the rockets would be favored of course although an upset is still possible (not counting on it though).

denver would be a problem for the rockets. although denver would have been very strong if they acquired artest the team is still formidable with allen iverson and carmelo anthony along with marcus camby and jr smith and kenyon martin. i think, denver would be the team to break that winning streak, but then again, i could be wrong.