all in a day's work

it is said that mma is slowly replacing boxing as the most popular combat sport. i don't think mma has reached that point yet that it can say that it is more popular than boxing. the last quarter of 2007 proved that with a lot of really good fights for boxing including the bout between pretty boy floyd mayweather and ricky hatton. the fight was entertaining and it ended with hatton kissing the mat. too bad.

anyway, mma as i've said is slowly ascending and it is guys like tank abbott who gave mma the boost that it needed. i can say that tank is the tyson of mma. btw, tank has an upcoming fight with kimbo slice. never heard of the guy? search youtube. lol that's where kimbo's popularity started really.

so, before i loose track of what i am supposed to be telling you, former wwe champion brock lesnar will headline the ucf's latest ppv. so watch out for it and see just how far mma has gone.

oh, by the way, i got these couple of pics i want to share with you, now, this is really all in a day's work for boxers and mma practitioners. which one looks better? hit me back.