lakers won, hornets lost, new york's balkman suspended, and more

everyone has been taking notice of the new orleans hornets since they are on a nine game winning streak. but that was before they faced the warriors. led by stephen jackson and former hornets superstar baron davis, the warriors snapped the hornets' nine game winning streak. as usual, b-diddy had a line of 23 points, nine assists and three rebounds. on the other hand, cp3 has 28 points, a dozen assists and a couple of rebounds. exciting game before the warriors break away during the latter part of the last quarter.

yesterday, i forgot, kobe and the lakers won. well, against the new york knicks. i am a big fan of the knicks and i hate seeing them like this. well, at the said game, kb24 almost reached triple-double. the game also featured the elbow given by renaldo balkman to vujacic. it's accidental though according to isiah thomas. there was no foul called after vujacic took that elbow. but the powers that be in nba reviewed the play and decided that it was a flagrant foul. thus balkman has to serve a one-game suspension.

also, the sixers rout the bucks today. 112-69. it was the sixers biggest home game in twelve years. the bucks though are without scoring leader michael redd.

miami lost to orlando, 107-91. not a big surprise really considering d-wade is injured and so is shaq.

toronto also beat washington 122-83. the wizards are without caron butler and agent zero of course who looks to return after the all-star break. deshawn stevenson summed up the game saying "they blew us out of the water".

chicago's woes continues with another loss coming at the hands of the t'wolves. the final tally: 83-67. that's not because of great defense but really poor offense.

also, ai showed that he too can pass the ball by racking up twelve assists in the game against the grizzlies. the answer also scored 32 for denver. the nuggets are now 27-18 after that 106-102 win. marcus camby looks to be back in form as he grabbed 19 rebounds.