ben wallace back with the pistons

big ben = intense

he's not gonna make them a championship contender, at least in my opinion. but it's a feel-good move by the detroit pistons to bring back big ben. mr. wallace hinted earlier this year that he might retire and that's what would have happened after the suns let him go after getting him from that shaq trade.

anyway, i think the pistons is still a team to be reckoned with at least on paper.

ben gordon: can score at will
rip hamilton: can flat-out shoot the effin' lights out coming off picks
charlie villanueva: kinda good
tayshaun prince: he's unhappy like rip but maybe big ben's presence can rekindle that tay fire
rodney stuckey: getting good but with gordon and hamilton in the backcourt, what would happen to him? ok, he's a pg and both rip and gordon play the 2 so this season could be a breakout year for him.

at least it's gonna be nice hearing that "gong" sound at the palace again.