nba, where funnies happen

kinda bored in the office. surfed the net. googled funny nba pics. got these funny nba pics to share:

yup, it says so right there... owned!

let me help you up cp. :D (or is that a wedgie?)

no wonder jordan retired again...

d-wade knows your weak points guys...

kobe fans must be loving this photo

ref: what the hell is dwight doing?

ira newble doing his best shawn michaels imitation

right on the money!

and karl malone is not exactly a small guy

can anyone tell me what is going on here?

what's so funny shawn?

it's all about what's in front of the jersey huh?


lebron: surprise! hahahaha


sam i am, what's this dance called?

h2o: hey coach, need help?


again, hahahahahaha

yao: plant the freakin' bomb!

yao: tell me how my armpit tastes.

photoshopped but i feel the need to add these here:

much love going on in the lakerland:

and this will never be complete without this:


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