another tyson chandler trade scenario

from sactown royalty, here's another trade scenario involving the new orleans hornets' tyson chandler:

the kings ship bobby brown, mikki moore, and john salmons for tyson chandler

since i'm a new orleans hornets fan (although still a knicks fan) i'm going to look at this trade from the hornets' side.


the hornets will get the wingman that they are looking for in john salmons. the guy can flat out score and can also do a little rebounding as well as pass the rock. plus, i like the guy's attitude. even if he knows he's got the talent, he doesn't go around asking for more touches or for more minutes even back when ron artest and mike bibby were with the kings. another thing is that he's relatively cheaper than other wingmen.

miki moore can play too. last season, there was a stretch near the end of the regular season that moore became a major contributor for the kings. that was in february of last year when he averaged 10.3 ppg, 7.0 rpg, 2.7 bpg and 1.0 apg in a stretch of three games. he's problem is consistency and that could count against him. with chris paul running the point though, i think mikki moore can improve just like the way chandler did.

as for bobby brown, he can be a serviceable point guard who can give chris paul time for brief rests. he's not yet proven though so i don't think he could make an impact come playoffs time.


tyson chandler is a member of the hornets' core group. byron scott even said that as of now chandler is in his plans. chandler's a fan favorite in the big easy and at this point when fan attendance is a big thing for teams to make money moving chandler might turn away a few fans.

also, trading away their big man at this point means a time for adjustment is needed for the new lineup to really gel. and in the competitive western conference, i don't think the hornets have the luxury to lose some games as they adjust with the new lineup.

my take

if it ain't broke, don't fix it. also, the hornets should never make a trade just for the sake of making one. their need is to strengthen their bench not to improve their already good starting lineup.

but, i really like john salmons and mikki moore is not kwame brown so i think i'd take my chances with them. plus, with john salmons playing small forward, peja could come off the bench and could be the instant offense off the bench for the hornets. so yeah, i approve of this trade. but then again, i'm in no position to approve any trade. :D