another trade: amare for david lee, al harrington, and jerome james

i know i'm an idiot for even suggesting this trade but here it goes:

the new york knicks trade al harrington, jerome james, and david lee to the phoenix suns for amare stoudemire.

the trade machine said the deal's okay but in reality, this would never happen for the following reasons:

1. amare is great but he's not lebron. remember, the knicks are aiming to secure james' services come the summer of 2010. that's the reason why they traded away jamal crawford and zach randolph earlier this season. amare still has three years in his contract and i don't know if the knicks can have both lebron and amare come 2010.

2. phoenix is not keen on dealing with the knicks. when mike d'antoni left the suns last season, it closed the door on the knicks having a shot on the amare sweepstakes. why? because the suns owner is that vindictive. :D

3. david lee will be asking for a lot of money. lee is having a breakout season and is on the last year of his contract. with the suns also looking to save money for the future, lee's demand might be too high for them.

4. the suns are looking for expiring contracts (check), young players (check), and future draft picks (uhmmm...not check?). next year, the knicks won't have any 2009 draft pick to trade with the suns. the team's first round pick this season will go to the jazz while the second round draft pick will go to portland.

why this would work

1. david lee is great. shaq wants someone who can defend? david lee will do just fine i think. plus, since the suns are rebuilding in a way, it is a good investment to have someone as hardworking as lee.

2. jerome james and al harrington both have expiring contracts. while the knicks may not include a draft pick for this year, the two expiring contracts might just do it for the suns. i don't care what they do with james or harrington but i'm sure they can save money on those two contracts. maybe even enough to give lee a good contract. plus, shaq might be on his way out next season so they can still be in a good position in the summer of 2010.

i don't really know why i am even contemplating this trade. :P maybe it's the lack of sleep.