i want an army r85a1 airsoft gun!

i'm a sucker for bullpup configuration. that explains why apart from the famas f1, i also would like to own an army r85a1 airsoft gun. the army armament r85a1 is a clone of the g&g l85, the real steel counterpart of which is the enfield l85a1, a member of the sa80 family which originated from the united kingdom. i love europe's guns!

what i like about the army r85a1 is that it has a blowback mechanism according to this review. also, i like the looks. there's something about bullpup firearms which just screams "cool". reportedly, this airsoft gun fires 0.20 g bbs at 350 fps. that might not sound much but to me, that's adequate enough. i mean you do not have to have a gun with a lot of power to enjoy the game. it is after all more thrilling to accept the challenge of stalking your opponent to get those "kills".

i would like to take this time to point out that some players crave for guns with more power. sure, that would get you a lot of kills but if the gun is too powerful that you need not get close to enemy lines, that just takes the fun away from playing the game. if you are a sniper, sure, you need a gun with more "oomph". but don't use that powerful sniping gun in a skirmish where you will be in close proximity with the opposition.

anyway, back to the r85a1. sir sonny, the seller i bought my thompson m1a1 from is offering this particular bullpup airsoft gun. i wish i can afford this one. if the price is too high, i might sell my thompson and then just add a couple of thousand to buy the r85a1.