thank you scott skiles

for giving ramon sessions a lot of playing time last time up against the nuggets. i was thinking that you would again let sessions rot in your doghouse after starting him against the cavs yet only letting him play 22 minutes while luke ridnour played 33 minutes.

i know sessions played poorly against the bulls but hey, even lebron or kobe has an off-night. also i know you are aware of what sessions is capable of doing. weren't you at that game against the pistons when he scored 44 points. also, i knew you were aware that sessions had 24 assists against the bulls last year.

did you not notice that you have been winning ever since sessions started playing point guard? maybe, just maybe, you could make a solid campaign to make the playoffs if you continue sessions and give him starter minutes. i hate to see the bucks not making the playoffs this year...again especially after seeing how hard sessions and villanueva have been playing as of late.