why do we love trade talks

with the trade deadline looming, a lot of names are being tossed around. some trade speculations turn into reality just like marion-j.o. swap. some may not push through while some are just plain dumb. truly, there is no shortage in trade speculations nowadays.

let's see, here are some names involved in different scenarios:

tyson chandler of the new orleans hornets
johns salmons and brad miller of the sacramento kings
raef lafrentz of the the portland trailblazers
allen iverson of the detroit pistons
amare stoudemire of the phoenix suns
chris bosh of the toronto raptors
wally (hard to spell last name) of the cleveland cavaliers
charlie villanueva, ramon sessions, richard jefferson, and luke ridnour of the milwaukee bucks
david lee and nate robinson of the new york knicks

i'm sure there are a lot more out there. but why do we love to read about these trade rumors?

personally, i like to speculate because i want a certain team to be better. for example, i wanted sam cassell to be waived by the kings then join the hornets to toughen up the hornets' second unit. also, i do not want the knicks to trade david lee away because of his great work ethic.

it is free to dream so, in a way, i can make "my" team better by coming up with these trade scenarios. it gives me something to hope for. as a fan of the new york knicks, i want the team to be relevant again, not two years from now but today. and they could only do that if they pull off a great trade.

also, there is also the hope that your least favorite team would make a blunder if they go for a trade. just like what happened in dallas last year. i'm not hating on the mavs but if i utterly despise that team, i would be kinda glad (i know i'm going to hell) that they screwed up on that jason kidd trade . at least i'm not hoping for a season-ending injury on any player on my least favorite team.

so no matter how silly trade rumors can be, i love to read about them. after all, the nba fan (especially a knick fan) could dream right?