jon 'bones' jones

ufc 94 is in the books and both penn and st. pierre walked away with their belts intact. yes, georges st. pierre won but bj penn's title is not on the line so i guess it's like when kelly pavlik lost to bernard hopkins. it might be a bit of a disappointment (according to frnz) but i think the card has some pretty good matchups like the bonnar-jones fight.

the fight also went the distance but jon "bones" jones' performance has captured the attention of many mma fans. going into the fight, jones' record is immaculate with 7 wins, 5 of which were knockouts and 1 by submission. he fought andre gusmao in ufc 87 and won by decision but most people thought that stephan bonnar's experience in the octagon would give him the upper hand. that didn't happen though as jones showed some pretty weird striking and solid takedowns.

apart from his takedowns, jon jones also wowed the crowed with his spinning back elbow.

even without a ko win this time, i think jon 'bones' jones has made it clear that he is a legit contender in the light-heavyweight division. sure, he's raw and green but give it a few more fights and we might see a monster. remember, he's only 21 and has a lot of upside. if there's a keeper fantasy league for the ufc, i would immediately pick up jones. and i think you would too if you've seen these live: