tainted victory? margarito over cotto

i'm sure you've heard about the california state athletic commission revoking antonio margarito's license for a year. the said sanction came after it was proven that margarito's trainer, javier capetillo tried to pad margarito's fist with an illegal stuff.

as a fan of the tijuana tornado, i didn't want to accept it at first. but then facts are facts. it is safe to say that the margarito camp tried to cheat according to the ruling. while capetillo claims that it was just a mistake, i'm not buying that. even a kid would know that such an alibi is weak. so there, capetillo is guilty. but is margarito guilty too?

according to mosley, the guy who was supposed to take the punishment of that plaster-like substance, maybe margarito does not deserve the punishment as it was the trainer who has taken the misstep. but are we to believe that margarito is not aware that capetillo is putting something else on his padding?

miguel cotto, margarito's last opponent before the fight with mosley claim that as a fighter, margarito would know if there is something on those pads. that means margarito may have had knowledge about this whole attempted cheating scheme. but there is no evidence to that...yet.

now, this takes us back to that cotto-margarito fight. it was a superfight in my opinion. it was a battle between an undefeated boxer (cotto) and an avoided volume puncher (margarito). while cotto showed his boxing skills in that fight, margarito's granite chin stood up to the punishment and overpowered cotto near the end.

but did margarito had the same substance confiscated at the mosley fight on his paddings that night he fought cotto? cotto said: "they're the only ones that can answer that question. i can't answer that. all i can tell you is i choose to think he had a good night."

the way i see it, margarito did not cheat in that fight. if he had, the fight would have been a lot shorter...or maybe, cotto's chin must be as tough as margarito's. remember that margarito connected on 237 power punches to cotto's 179. now, if margarito, already known for his power, had something on his pads, that stat would not reach 237 as even a hundred would have had hurt cotto badly and dropped him cold earlier than round 11.

so in my mind, that victory is not tainted. margarito won that fight because as cotto said, he had a good night.