bench chris paul

chris paul has been out for three games already after going down with that groin strain...and it looks like he won't be back until after the all-star weekend. no word yet on whether chris paul will be back by monday against the grizzlies. and that makes me think that chris paul might not even play a game this week.

for people who play fantasy basketball (at least those with paul on their team), i think setting the lineup for week 16 is kind of a big problem. i own chris paul in our league and it's proving to be quite a task to set the lineup. do i start him and risk having a zero for a week? or do i start someone over him which could at best score only 30 fantasy points?

the deadline for setting the lineup is getting nearer so i have to make a decision. i'm benching chris paul. :( good thing i got ramon sessions on the bench (yeah, the guy who just dropped 44 on the pistons)

the way i see it, byron scott would not force chris paul to suit up if cp3 is not yet healed a hundred percent. the hornets need chris paul and the last thing they want is to aggravate cp3's injury. byron scott and the hornets may even go as far as asking chris paul to not play too hard come the all-star game. on the other hand, they would be facing the celtics on wednesday and cp3 might want to suit up for that challenge.

although chris paul said he will play in the all-star game, his first time as a starter, i think he knew what is at stake. he can use the time off to give his injury to really heal and start the second half of the season on fresh legs.