nba ballers and their dreads

in the nba, you see guys sporting different hairstyles. iverson popularized the cornrows while sprewell loved his braids. then there's dennis rodman and his hair with its own personality. if i were to choose the best looking do, i would have to go with the dreads. and i don't think there's any more appropriate time for this post than today (feb. 6 in the philippines), bob marley's birthday!

only a handful of nba players have sported the dreadlocks and i guess we all know why: aerodynamics. lol. look at jordan, the guy's bald and he cuts air resistance to zero allowing him to fly. i believe this so much that i think if lebron sport the shaved dome, he'll be unstoppable going to the rim. lol

so, here's a gallery of nba ballers playing with dreadlocks:

probably the most talented player in this list, chris bosh is the raptors cornerstone today. i guess his dreads' are still too short to increase the drag whenever he goes up for rebound or a shot. :P

etan thomas' fights with brendan todd haywood just lost him at least two of those locks. fortunately, the fighting has stopped after three bouts. haywood had this to say:

"I told somebody that Ali and Frazier only fought three times so that has to be the end of it for me and Etan. At the end of the day, we both have a mutual respect for each other and we realize that we embarrass ourselves, our team and our families every time we go out there and act silly. You can always talk things out before you fight. Besides, he's a peace activist so he can't do that anyway".

reasonable enough.

without the dreads imagine how high renaldo balkman could jump. :D

if this list is the starting five of a team, marquis daniels would be bringing the ball down the court and distributing it. he's the only guy in this list listed to play guard.

and the most famous dreads in the nba albeit retired:

brian grant is the first thing that comes to mind when you say nba and dreadlocks. and yeah he loves bob:
here's a bit of a trivia: brian grant is part of the deal that brought rajon rondo (the rights to him to be specific) to the celtics. and if the celtics did not waive "the general", he would have had a ring by now.

so there you are, only five nba players i know of who sported the dreads. and here's the guy even more popular than brian grant when it comes to dreadlocks (no, it's not larry fitzgerald):

happy birthday bob!

that's it for now, spread love and peace. jah bless!