i hate to say this but... i told you so | ramon sessions is for real

going into the home stretch last season a guy by the name ramon sessions captured the attention of nba fans after his 24-assist outing against the chicago bulls. not many people are sold on sessions yet that time but i'm already in the sessions bandwagon from that point on. i drafted him in the sixth round of my fantasy league and i know some people would question that then. but right now, i hate to say it but... i told you so!

i'm not a great judge of talent but i guess there's something about sessions that just made me realize that he is for real. sure, i dropped him from my fantasy lineup several times to make room for overperforming players as stopgaps but in the end, before redd came down, i had sessions back in the lineup as i was waiting for the bucks to trade him to a team where sessions can showcase his skills.

today, sessions' stellar play in the last three games, i don't think the bucks would trade him. i don't know what scott skiles is smoking but i think it must be something. he knows what sessions is capable of given the minutes but still he went with ridnour in the starting lineup. they say skiles love players who can defend, but ridnour is not exactly the best defender out there.

i have nothing against ridnour but i think sessions is better. imagine if the bucks do not have sessions, do you think they can pull off that win last night against the rockets when sessions scored 26, grabbed 4 rebounds, dished out 7 assists and stole the ball 4 times? and frankly, i think charlie villanueva is getting better because he has someone to give him the ball where he needs it.

even with a healthy lineup, i think the bucks should stick with the lineup of ramon sessions, michael redd, richard jefferson, charlie villanueva, and andrew bogut. even without redd i think that starting five is stacked and could make the bucks relevant again.

let's look at some of the things sessions has done so far in his career:

  • drained the game-winning shot against the washington wizards on april 2, 2008

  • posted then career-high 20 points, 8 rebounds and a franchise-record 24 assists against the bulls on april 14,2008

  • scored 44 against the detroit pistons on february 7, 2009

here's hoping sessions, villanueva, and jefferson can power the bucks to the playoffs. that would surely make people think twice about sessions' skill as a legit nba player. who knows, ramon may become one of the the biggest steals in the draft after being picked by the bucks 56th overall in the 2007 draft (manu was the 57th pick in his class).