knicks might buy out marbury soon

i've been hearing this for the last couple of months and i can say that i'm sick of it. so, why post this here? well, it looks like finally, the knicks could get rid of stephon.

i'm not hating on stephon. i like his game. but i'm with q that you don't leave your guys on the court just because you have a beef with your boss. any person who has fought in wars would probably not leave his or her companions in the heat of the battle even if he has a major spat with his commanding officer.

i remember achilles "sitting out" some of the "games" against the trojans because of his quarrel with that agamemnon dude. but stephon, you're no achilles. well, you could be, achilles after being brought down by an arrow to the heel that is.

anyway, frank isola of knicks knation says that marbury could be gone after today (february 24).

if this happens, the knicks would have three available roster spots right? and it looks like they might take a chance on cheikh samb who was waived recently by the clippers. samb has been with the pistons, the nuggets, and the clippers this season alone. if signed, the knicks would be his fourth team this season. is that a record?

would donnie ever sign patrick ewing jr.? i mean c'mon, it's not like we can sign anyone that could make the team a legit championship contender. give the younger ewing a chance to play. i know the guy's known more for his defense than his offense but hey, the knicks need some a lot of defense.