tyson chandler traded to thunder

it's done. the oklahoma city thunder secured the services of tyson chandler. in return, the hornets will receive chris wilcox, joe smith, and the rights to devon hardin, the 50th draft pick in the 2008 draft.

upon learning of the news, i was crushed. c'mon jeff bower! tyson chandler is your main low post enforcer. why trade him away now when we took the battle-tested spurs to 7 games last year? can't you wait until summer?

although sad to see tyson go, i still have faith in jeff bower. i hope he's not thinking about tanking this season. also, i would like to see him make a move in the next few days to scure the service of a big man to replace tyson chandler.

i don't know what chris paul thinks about this trade but i'm sure that he's not too thrilled.