fingers crossed

i know almost everybody know already what happened to chris paul against the blazers. the grief merchant went down with a mild groin strain in the third quarter of said game. and the latest news from the hornets' camp is that cp3 has been ruled out from new orleans' next game against the chicago bulls wednesday.

the hornets announced that paul is day-to-day for now so we have no idea when he would be back on the court. while my fantasy team would take a huge hit from paul's injury, i'm more worried about the hornets losing game after game until paul comes back.

chris paul's importance to the hornets is very visible when he went down in that blazers game. after his exit, the blazers outscored the hornets 38-15 in the fourth quarter. now, while both west and peja are back in the lineup, chris paul and tyson chandler will be out of it which means the next few games will be very tough to win for the hornets. they are currently fifth in the western conference and i would not be surprised if they drop in the standings.

hopefully, the hornets can hold the fort until paul and chandler returns. and i think the positives of trading for antonio daniels and signing james posey will now be felt by the hornets.

geaux hornets!!!