mayo's arrival not good for gay

on draft day last year, the twolves drafted oj mayo with the third pick... then traded him along with marko jaric, antoine walker, and greg buckner to the grizzlies for kevin love who was drafted fifth, brian cardinal, mike miller, and jason collins.

while some twolves fan were angered that kevin mchale traded away a guy who is known to be a prolific scorer, even before his first game in the nba, for a guy who many people though would be a bust, i think love's recent plays have made them believers. well, mayo maybe leading all rookies in scoring but kevin love is leading all nba players in offensive rebounds per 48 minutes. i think it's a good trade for both teams. the twolves also got mike miller's expiring contract.

each player has their own impact on their respective teams. i think love would be great in the starting lineup for the twolves given the numbers he posts up everytime he's given a lot of minutes on the court. and mayo is the leading scorer for the grizzlies which just proves my point that mayo's arrival in memphis is not good for rudy gay.

before oj's arrival, and after pau gasol's departure, i think everyone thought that rudy gay would be the cornerstone of the memphis franchise and he has shown that he can be that go-to guy for the grizz. this season though, gay's numbers are down from last season. sure, a decline in numbers especially scoring might not be all that bad. but when your team is still losing a lot of games and your numbers are down because you are not getting as much touches as you did the previous season, there's something wrong.

from 20 points per game last season to 18.6 points in the 2008-09 season, i think oj's arrival has stunted gay's growth. we should remember that that 20 points per game is his average including the time when pau gasol was still with the team. the problem is that oj mayo is a guard that needs a lot of shots. he's no john stockton who will rack up assists every night. that means less touches for rudy gay thus the decline in numbers.

if the trade did not materialize, i think gay would be posting better numbers but kevin love will surely be labeled as a bust. with marc gasol playing solid basketball and hakim warrick getting the most minutes in the forward slot, love would not get the minutes he's getting right now in a twolves uniform.

apart from not being good for gay's numbers, the nba also never got to see the gay-love tandem because of that trade.