did georges st. pierre cheat to win?

everyone who watched the gsp-penn fight last january 31 immediately said that bj penn just got his behind kicked by the canadian phenom. as far as i can remember, no one commented that georges st. pierre cheated. but an article like this had people claiming that they saw this and they saw that.

according to the story, bj penn's camp has filed a complaint against gsp's corner for using vaseline on the fighter's back and arms therefore making him slippery. ufc rules state that vaseline can be used on the face of the fighters only. so if such a thing happened in the fight, st. pierre would have to answer a lot of questions.

what i don't get is people jumping on this story like they knew already that gsp cheated. some people would say that "yeah, i was watching on ppv and i saw gsp's cutman rubbing vaseline on gsp's back". well, why did you not say that earlier?

i think that most of these people were thinking that gsp is just overpowering bj penn that's why he keeps passing bj's guard while watching the fight and only claimed seeing the vaseline rubbing thing when it was published on the internetz.

also, some people claim that bj penn's guard is unpassable (is there such a word?). yeah, and tyson can't be knocked out or antonio margarito for that matter. guys, just because nobody has passed bj penn's guard in the past does not mean that it's impossible. who knows, maybe gsp is just really that powerful that he can easily slip through penn's guard.

on the flipside, people claiming gsp would not cheat because this and that need to check their facts. just because that's your perception of the person does not mean that's what he really is. hey, everybody thought marion jones is an exceptional athlete and a good role model back in the days.

so what i'm trying to say here is hold your horses guys. let the investigation run its course and let's just see whether gsp did cheat.