nba trade rumors: shawn marion for brad miller

looks like shawn marion's name is connected with almost all trade rumors today. i've already mentioned that the matrix might be traded for jermaine o'neal. apart from j.o. though, i think miami is also looking for other big men to trade for marion.

and one big man i think is ripe for a trade is brad miller. the center will be paid 11 million this year and 12.5 million next year. no doubt, the sacramento kings, looking to rebuild would want to unload that hefty contract.

why the kings would want marion

his expiring contract would give them more financial flexibility. they are not fighting for a playoff spot this year so dealing away their best big man won't be a big blow. plus spencer hawes and jason thompson have been playing well lately so it would be better for the kings to give these two big men the playing time they need.

why the heat would want miller

he's the big man that they need. if i were to pick between brad miller and jermaine o'neal for the miami heat, i would take brad miller in a heartbeat. why? because the heat has a glut of players who can score at will. what they need is a big man who can rebound well and at the same time can pass well. brad miller will not ask for a lot of touches unlike jermaine who is known for his offense but not for his passing skill.

adding brad miller might give the heat that extra push to make them a legit contender for the championship. wade is great but that might not be enough to get them that ring this season. who knows, maybe adding brad miller could turn the heat from the worst team in the league last year to the champions this season.