my fantasy basketball season down the drain

after snagging rodney stuckey, monta ellis and carlos boozer from the waiver wire, i thought i earned myself a trip to the playoffs. lo and behold, i'm still on the outside looking in. there are several things which add up to dash my hope for another run at a fantasy basketball championship this season.

1. chris paul's injury- i couldn't believe i benched chris paul for a week. well, not technically a week as it was the time before the all-star break. his production was sorely missed. i'm sure a lot of chris paul owners also had this problem.

2. letting wilson chandler go- a slump in one week made me prematurely decide that it was safe to dump chandler. after that, he got snagged immediately and he got back to his usual productive self. grrr.

3. jose calderon's hammy problems- without those frustrating hamstring problems to calderon, i think my team would have won more earlier in the season. to think i got him with my second pick. i'm a noob!

4. that scott skiles- if only he had played luke off the bench and made sessions the starter all year, i would surely be in the top four right now. and the bucks would have had a better record.

5. monta ellis- he's out two weeks again right? there goes my last hope.

6. carlos boozer's late return- i had to make do with marvin williams until boozer arrives. and now i don't think he'll be immediately back to his old 20-10 self.

7. al thornton's injury- not playing, no fantasy points

8. john salmons traded to bulls- brad miller and john salmons both got traded to the bulls. now, salmons may see his production go down.

9. stuckey struggling- and they thought he's the younger d-wade...

10. i'm still waiting for something to fill this spot. :D

so there you are, if you have a similar lineup as i do, better luck next season. :D