masked men in the nba

the nba is such a rugged place that players often end up with sprained ankles, torn ligaments, and even collapsed lungs as in the case of gerald "crash" wallace (hey, he's not called crash for nothing). with all that brute muscle power on the floor at any given time, it is also common for players to have their nose bashed in like in the case of rip hamilton. the result: guys wear masks.

including rip, here are some nba players who wore masks:

it's not surprising for someone who was once punched by michael jordan in the face to wear a mask.

even tough-man-in-the-middle alonzonzo mourning once needed the protection of a mask

i think andrew bogut found out that the nba is a tough place the hard and painful way

brandon williams here looks like bruce lee's character kato in the green hornet

brian cardinal...now plays for the twolves. :P

jelani mccoy last seen in the denver nuggets payroll

even the king knows that masks are sometimes necessary

big z and his mask that makes him look like a gladiator

i don't think joe johnson is fond of his mask

rip and his lucky mask

so there you are, some of the names who played with the mask in the nba. i know i missed some of them like shawn marion and andrei kirilenko. just google them up if you want to see how they look with masks. :P

of all the players listed here, i think pressley has the coolest face protector. agree or disagree? let me know. :D