give michael phelps a break

i'm sure you've heard that news of the world recently published a photo of swimming phenom michael phelps with a bong. some people are quick to condemn phelps after the news broke out and that's the reason why i came up with this post.

guys! give michael phelps a break. i'm sure some people are still on phelps side but what i can't stand is people coming up with comments like phelps should be condemned because he is no longer the role model that he should be.

c'mon, if you are good parents, you won't need someone like michael phelps to serve as role model for your kids. if you depend on a man you haven't even spoken to to be a role model for your kids, you have a bigger problem than the olympic record holder.

sure, it is illegal to smoke marijuana and phelps did a bad thing right there. but these comments about him being a bad role model are just pure nonsense.

this comment from the news of the world article made me laugh though:
Its simply horrible, absolutely shocking. There isn't one picture of him sharing the bong. it's bad enough having to explain to your children the seriousness of drug use, informing your little ones that their hero M Phelps isn't sharing can be traumatic and cause lasting mental health issues.