top five nba all-star logo

with the all-star weekend just around the corner, i'm getting into the mix of all-star posts in the blogosphere. we all know by now that me williams will be in the all-star game after all after he was named as chris bosh's replacement. chris paul will also play at the all-star game so i think carmelo anthony will not be playing this weekend.

with those things out of the way, here we go with the top five nba all-star logos in my book:

at number 5 is the logo used for the 2001 nba all-star held at the mci center in washington d.c. i think the reason why i picked this is the person currently residing in the white house.

number 4 is this number from the all-star game in 1981, three years before i was born. :D what i like about this logo is its simplicity and the way they use the colors on the logo.

number 3 on the list is the logo used for the all-star game in las vegas. they surely picked the right inspiration for this logo.

number 2 is the logo for next year's all-star game. i guess the lone star state and the all-star really has something in common. also, i like the way the color green is added into the mix. it kinda breaks the blue monotony. :D

sure, i'm a fan of the new orleans hornets' chris paul but you really cannot deny that this logo from last year's all-star weekend is the best the nba all-star logo so far.

so there you are, my picks for the top five nba all-star logo of all time.

(dis)honorable mention:

i don't like these logos much:

the lakeshow can do much better than this:

my brother can do this on ms freakin' paint!
not hatin' just sayin' :D