it worked: chandler for marion, peja for camby

yeah, the trade machine said this would work:

miami heat sends shawn marion to the new orleans hornets for tyson chandler and...
los angeles clippers trades marcus camby to the new orleans hornets for peja stojakovic.

the numbers matched but would it really work out?

why would the heat want chandler

the miami heat can contend for the championship if they can add a low post presence which they could certainly have in tyson chandler. although his points production would suffer since he would not be playing with a pass first point guard, his rebounding numbers would remain as is or even improve.

would the hornets trade for shawn marion

like most teams in the nba, the hornets are looking to save money for the future. marion's expiring contract is quite an attractive piece although i don't know if the hornets would really trade away one of the members of their core group. also, marion is a pretty good player and imagine how good he could be playing alongside chris paul.

on the flipside, the hornets are already thin up front. when tyson chandler went down with an injury recently, they have to make do with hilton armstrong and melvin ely and i don't think either could provide the production that the hornets needed to win a ring. if birdman was re-signed by the hornets last summer, i think it would be probable for them to trade tyson chandler. but as it stands right now, the hornets will not trade chandler away if they do not have a good replacement for the center position...which brings us to the peja for camby trade.

would the clippers trade camby for peja

i don't think so. they have a good project in al thornton for the shooting forward spot. also, peja still has three years in his contract and has a history of injuries. i think even the clippers would not want to touch a guy like peja. but then again, they agreed to take on zach randolph's contract running for three years so who knows, they might take on peja's three-year contract and make a big splash in the 2012 free agency where names like chris paul, deron williams, jose calderon, kevin martin, dwight howard, andrew bynum, and al jefferson would be unrestricted free agents.

would this three-team trade really work

i don't know. :P if you believe in the trade machine, then it could. and if you think i'm an idiot for even considering this trade, then it won't. lol.

and yeah, i'm an idiot. ~x(