hit game-winning shot, get traded | shawn marion traded to raptors

(shawn marion going out with a bang, hitting a game-winner with his last shot in miami)

thursday night, shawn marion delivered the final blow to deal the bulls another loss with a dunk with 1.1 seconds left. that dramatic shot though looks like the last shot shawn marion will ever take for the miami heat as the team reportedly traded him and marcus banks to the toronto raptors for jermaine o'neal and jamario moon.

this will be the second time that marcus banks and shawn marion have been traded at the same time. what's the deal with these two anyway? are they inseparable? lol. also, this is the second time that they are traded to a guy with the last name o'neal. :D

anyway, some people are calling the heat the winner on this one. they have acquired a good low-post player with an expiring contract which means they have taken care of two things. first, they have made a good move to make the team relevant come playoffs time. and two, they are still in place to secure the services of d-wade in 2010 and beyond.

jermaine would have to remain healthy though if they are going to make a good shot at the championship this year. as for jamario, i think the trade would not help him at all.

my take on this is that the raptors have become a better team without o'neal. with the strong play of andrea bargnani recently, i think the departure of o'neal would not be a big blow to the team. i also think that marion is a good addition to the raptors.

while the raptors are the second worst team in the east with only 21 wins to boast of, i think they can come back strong in the second half of the season. i just hope that calderon's hammy problem would go away and bosh to just bring everything he's got to every game.