2008 Australian Grand Prix Result - Lewis Hamilton Won

Lewis Hamilton Wins The 2008 Australian Grand Prix

a bit late again but here it goes. lewis hamilton won the 2008 australian grand prix which means he's got ten points and is obviously the leader in the drivers' championship standings. nick heidfeld who qualified fifth upstaged his teammate robert kubica to earn a second-place finish. nico rosberg, son of former world champion keke rosberg completed the top three.

rosberg's third place finish is his best so far. it is interesting to note that his father's last win in f1 was in the 1985 australian grand prix. keke also last participated in an f1 race in the 1986 australian gp.

anyway, only seven drivers finished the race. on fourth is renault's fernando alonso; mclaren's kovy, fifth; williams' nakajima, sixth. toro rosso's bourdais had an engine failure with just three laps to go, he was nevertheless placed seventh which means two points. defending champ kimi raikkonen also had engine problems and had to settle for eighth. honda's reubens barrichello was disqualified for leaving the pits while the red light was still on.

so what does the australian gp tells us? LH is still the man to beat in the early goings but expect kimi to be back on top. that is if his engine's failure does not mean that ferrari screwed up their car this season. also, bmw sauber is no longer the "best of the rest" as proven by kubica and heidfeld in qulifying and in the race. also, nico rosberg is a force to reckon with. as for alonso, well, he's not lying that they are still figuring out how to catch up to mclaren and ferrari.